Hi, I'm Melissa

Hi, I’m Melissa

self-portrait photographer & Self-expression coach

For a long time, I was trying to express myself in the right way. Or, what I thought was the right way, based on what I thought would make me feel worthy and validated.

Through my self-portrait practice, I’ve learned to truly see myself, and to trust that I am worthy of being seen.

What Is The Uncensored Self?


“not having any part deleted or suppressed” (Merriam-Webster)

You, uncensored – embodying the full, liberated expression of YOU.


Self-portraits literally changed me. Or, rather, they allowed me to fully embrace my own changing – my own remembering.


It’s the big reveal. It’s revealing your Self to yourself.


It’s looking in the mirror. Except you’re the mirror, the reflection, and the one standing in front of it.


You’re the method, the medium, the audience, and the artist.

What I Offer


The Uncensored Self course takes you step-by-step through the process of creating your own self-portrait practice to nurture and unleash your fullest self-expression.

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1:1 Sessions

During this 90-minute guided boudoir self-portrait session, I’ll go over this embodiment practice and then guide you through taking your own self-portraits, which you’ll capture and reflect on during the session.

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Bite-Sized Resources

Helpful resources for your journey to liberated self-expression. These resources come in various formats (video, audio, written), so you can choose the channels and formats that work best for you 🙂

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Happy Clients

  • I absolutely loved the layout of this course! I liked having units that were broken down so I could go at my own pace and digest the information I read. I really liked the layout of written information and video instruction and BTS.

    I had a safe place to explore my self identity because I am going through SUCH a major transition with motherhood and career. My business is new and I am nervous so this [practice] is empowering because it will give me the courage to evolve.

    Kristina Gosley

  • I freaking love [the photos]!! You are knowledgeable and can see stuff I couldn’t, so that really helped. It was really great playing with the camera and angles, [and] having a personal cheerleader to lead me on!

    Stela Murrizi

  • I’ve been following Melissa for a while, and I really admired her ability to take self-portraits in a way that felt very empowering, that felt very authentic. It was something I was looking to be able to do more of, not just for my brand and being able to show up as a coach, but also for myself on a personal level. I’d been able to take great photos whenever I hired a photographer, but as a small business owner and entrepreneur, that isn’t always financially feasible. So I wanted to build some skills to be able to create really fantastic images on my own – that also allowed me to do so in different clothing or position or moods that may not be as well-suited to having an audience or other people there. It had a lot more questions than I was expecting to self-reflect, to really get in touch with my most authentic self, to get in touch with the vision I was looking to create. Thank you so much, Melissa! Highly recommend this course. I can’t wait to see what comes next in The Uncensored Self.

    Courtney Stacey

  • Melissa’s course is educational, thought-provoking, and easily digestible. As someone who had never tried self-portraiture before, the course guided me through each step and allowed me to be intentional with the picture I wanted to capture. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to explore the “behind the subject” of a photo or just try something new!


  • The self-portrait experience was something I had never experienced before but am grateful to have had the opportunity to try. I had felt way more comfortable with Melissa rather than others in the past that I have done photography with.

    She was kind, nurturing, and allowed me to express myself in a beautiful way.

    Jillian C.

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